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Alternative Views #534: AGAINST ALL ODDS

Published 1995


Centerpiece of this program is a documentary about a visit by Americans to
Cuba, showing the devastating effects of the US blockade on the country and
the fighting spirit of the Cuban people who still believe in their
revolution and who only want good relations with the US.

Run time: 58:43
News: March, 1995; February, 1995
"Against the Odds: Cuba Resisting the Blockade" Copyright 1995
Copyright June, 1995

* Note:
* The Alternative Information Network
* address in the video is no longer in use.

Run time 58:43
Producer Frank Morrow
Production Company Alternative Information Network
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


Co-hosts: Frank Morrow and Doug Kellner
Researcher: Mike Jankowski
Technical adviser: Brian Koenigsdorf


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